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Our Services

Our Services

The professional services we offer our clients can be delivered at an assessment, remediation, or implementation level. Our areas of expertise include, but not limited to:

The Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT)

Effective Governance of Enterprise IT (or more commonly, IT Governance) enables enterprises to ensure an adequate level of strategic alignment of their IT strategy and objectives to that of the enterprise, so that IT is seen to be a true enabler of enterprise value. Typical problems encountered with low levels of IT governance includes misaligned Business and IT strategies, inadequate IT representation at the board level, high costs associated with a high number of failed projects, overly complex or informal IT structures, processes, resources or operating models, uncontrolled IT expenditure, and low levels of compliance. Luminis Consulting’s IT Governance service offering is aligned to international standards which includes COBIT, ITIL, ISO38500, and King III.  Value optimisation is at the centre of our approach; as such we help our clients to focus their IT Governance improvement efforts on the IT processes that are key to the strategic success of their enterprise.

IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management is a subset of Enterprise Risk Management and is an important focus area for any enterprise that utilises IT as a strategic enabler of their business. Effective IT Risk Management practices enables enterprises to manage the risk inherent within their business and IT processes by implementing controls that will manage down the risk to an acceptable level. Enterprises that do not have formal IT Risk Management practices may suffer from unexpected operational or service delivery incidents and outages and ultimately the destruction or reduction business value.  We provide an end-to-end service from the alignment and development of the IT risk strategies to enterprise risk strategy, all the way to conducting IT risk assessments and articulating the IT risk register/s. Our IT Risk Management offering is aligned to international standards like COBIT 5 for Risk, and Risk IT.

IT Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation

IT Policies are at the heart of any enterprise as it documents an enterprises policy for operation and the procedures that need to be in place in order to fulfil that policy. Policies and procedures are also important for creating and the ongoing monitoring of the internal control framework which, in turn, is key in ensuring that the company’s objectives are being met. Luminis Consulting’s approach to IT policy development is based on international practice like COBIT 5, COBIT 5 for Risk, COBIT 5 for Security, ISO27001, ITIL and TOGAF to name a few. One of our key aims is to help our clients ensure that they establish formal and mature IT practices through the use of policy and procedures. A mature internal control environment usually yields a more positive outcome during the IT Audit process.

IT Audit / Assurance

IT Audit is the evaluation of the controls within the IT environment to determine whether information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining information integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the enterprise goals and objectives. Our IT audit approach is aimed at evaluating the internal control design and effectiveness of IT controls and focuses and 3 core areas (but not limited to) namely, Information Security, Information System Development, IT continuity and IT Governance. We focus on the key information systems in the IT environment that are core to key business processes. The benefits of implementing proper IT controls includes being able to provide a level of assurance that key information systems are maintaining the integrity of the enterprise’s financial information. This is particularly key during the internal and / or financial audit process.

Information Security

Information Security (InfoSec) is the practice that seeks to protect enterprise information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification, recording or destruction. Enterprise that do not have mature InfoSec practices in place are sometimes more vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks which may cause operational downtime, financial loss or reputational damage. Luminis Consulting’s approach to information security is based on industry accepted practice such as COBIT 5 for Information Security, ISO27001 etc. A key objective is to help our clients implement an information security system that addresses their specific information security requirements. This allows the enterprise to keep the occurrence of InfoSec incidents within the enterprises risk appetite levels and to minimise the business impact of InfoSec incidents.

IT Service Continuity

IT Service Continuity is a subset of business continuity, aimed at ensuring IT service resilience and disaster recovery planning. Enterprises that do not have formal IT Continuity practices in place are less likely to have implemented controls that will prevent a significant IT service disruption. These enterprises business processes are less likely to be able to withstand and recover timeously from significant disruption. This in turn may have a negative impact on the enterprises ongoing operation, financial performance and reputation. Luminis Consulting are able to assess the maturity of your current business continuity practices and provide practical guidance to be built into your continual improvement cycle. Our approach is in line with the globally accepted practices of ISO22301 and the Business Continuity Institute.

Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Data Analytics is seen as a strategic enabler for enterprises in driving their business strategy and enterprise performance. It is a powerful tool that provides information on past, present and future events, which enterprises are able to use as levers of opportunity. We help enterprises to employ effective data analytics practices that are able to capture, interpret and manage data across their entire business value chain. In so doing, our clients are able to obtain the right answers, to the right questions, effectively enabling them to unlock opportunities for profitability and growth.

IT Governance and related training

LuminIS Consulting have formed a strategic partnership with ITWinners to deliver world class consulting and education on how to create value from IT, minimise risk, and ensure alignment with strategic business objectives. By applying pragmatic and positive approaches ITWinners transfer know-how in IT governance and management practices, identify and then implement winning strategies, and deliver real business benefits in areas such as IT Governance, IT Value Optimisation, IT Performance Measurement, and IT Service Delivery. ITWinners use only the very best subject matter experts to deliver strategic education in COBIT® 5, ITIL® 2011, ISO/IEC 27001, PRINCE2® TOGAF® 9.1 and Cloud Computing. Contact us with more information on your training need.